Friday, February 12, 2016

WSO2 BPS - Customizing web apps

Wso2 BPS 3.5.0 is shipped with two web applications, the Humantask Explorer and BPMN Explorer.
By default it is configured to be used in a standalone BPS server. But they can be configured to other setups also. For this, you need to edit the config.json file. The web apps are located in the <Wso2Server_Home>/repository/deployments/server/jaggeryApps/ folder. I'll refer this as jaggery apps folder, now on. config.json is inside the <webapp_home>/configs folder.

Now, let me explain different configurations one by one.

  1. Use the explorers in a different tenant domain other than the super tenant.
    • Copy the relevant web app from jaggery apps folder into to the <WSO2_Home>/repository/tenants/<tenanat_id>/jaggeryapps folder.
    • Give the tenant name in the config.json.
  2. Run BPS in a separate server other than the web app container.
    • Fill the bpsHost and bpsPort parameters in the config.json
These are the only two configurations I can remember write now. There could me more!

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