Friday, June 23, 2017

WSO2 ESB / EI Mediation Latencies with JMX monitoring

WSO2 ESB/EI is equipped with JMX monitoring capabilities. This is explained in WSO2 docs. But with this configurations you can't see advance mediation statistics like mediation level latencies. In order to enable them, add following two entries in the file. 


Then you can view the time taken in mediation layer (request and response) separately apart from the total latencies.


Friday, June 16, 2017

WSO2 BPS : BPEL Versionning

The versioning of bpel processes is very useful when you need to update a process which is already in production. If you try to undeploy the existing process and deploy the updated process, it will remove all the existing process instances of the previous BPEL package also. Versioning enables updating your processes without affecting existing instances.

BPEL packages(.zip) with same name are eligible for versioning. If two packages with same name are different in content, BPS will retire the existing version and deploy a new version with the new package.
There are three ways you can deploy a BPEL process in BPS. Let's see how versinning works in each of method.

  • Deploying through management console - versioning is supported.
  • Deploying through a carbon application (capp) - versioning not supported.
  • Deploying by copying the package to deployment directory - If you replace the existing package, versioning is supported. But if you remove existing one and later copy the new package, it will un-deploy the old package.