Thursday, June 18, 2015

WSO2 BPS : Skippable Human Tasks

A human task can be skipped by a business admin of that task. In order to make a human task skippable you need to edit the corresponding BPEL process that invoke it. It is not a property of the Human Task.

In order to invoke a human task in WSO2 BPS, we should include a people activity, such as shown in following snippet from a BPEL process definition.

Note that there is a attribute called 'isSkipable' inside peopleActivity element. This attribute is by default set to 'no' if the process is created using WSO2 Dev Studio. Changing it to yes will make the human tasks invoked by the particular process skippable.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

WSO2 BPS : Working With Multiple User Stores in Human Tasks

In a human task you need to assign task's to users. In a multiple user store, there are multiple user domains. With the multiple user store support in WSO2 carbon platform (WSO2's middleware platform), WSO2 Business Process Server allows to assign human tasks to users in different domains.

First we need to understand the basic user store concepts. Among the user stores, one of them is considered as the primary store and others are secondary stores. A user in a primary user store can be referred directly by it's user name. But users in secondary domains should be referred with the respective user domain in following format.
                                   <domain name>/<username|rolename>    

When you assign a task inside your humanTask package or Process archive to a domain user you should use the above format. domain names are case insensitive.

Eg: Lets assume you have ‘ClerkUser’ in ‘’ domain and ‘ManagerUser’ in primary domain.
So If you are assigning any task to these users they should be referred as follows,
ClerkUser :
   ManagerUser : ManagerUser

Please note that these domain names are case insensitive. You can use any form inside your process package.
That's all you need, to work with multiple user stores in WSO2 BPS.

If you want to try this out, setup a new user store as explained in Working with User Stores. Then deploy the human task package in the <BPS_HOME>/repository/samples/humantasks folder inside the WSO2 BPS 3.5 release. Read the sample section of the documentation for more info.

Thank you.